Omron Industrial Automation is an industry leader in the field of automated functions and product development. Using their prototype programmable logic controllers (Omron PLCs), Omron Industrial Automation has established the company as a global leader in the Automatic Data Capture marketplace. Many consumers are surprised to learn that data capture plays a very important part in our every day experiences and in the development of products that are designed to advance highly functional products.

Omron PLCs describe the use of “Datalogic” as the physical link between things and the information about things. The programmable logic controller converts physical data into digital platforms and makes this information available to the global Information Technology (IT). The end result is product lines that ensure customer satisfaction and also ensure the implementation of a fluid supply chain.

Omron designs and constructs custom made automated equipment to meet customer’s needs. They have been especially successful in the development of robotics, pick and place equipment, inspection, machining, leak-tested products and a wide assortment of other products.

Omron's reputation for production of short and long run machine parts is unparalleled in the global marketplace. As a result, Omron has a strong propensity to take on challenging projects for exciting, innovative products. If your company or enterprise needs specialized products that have never been created before, Omron is your best bet to produce these items.

The Dynamic Design Solution is a Certified Visions Integrator for Cognex and DVT vision sensors. DDS can not only design proper camera programs for customer applications but they also specialize in developing custom front ends that permit operators and other users to makes alterations that the clients determines to be appropriate.

DDS also operates a full service machine shop that is tailored to meet a wide variety of machining needs. The machine shop has the ability to manage one and two piece orders as well as large production runs. In compliance with Omron’s production standards, CAD data is shared with customers. The ability to generate program the CAD files using computer aided manufacturing (Surfcam) ensures accuracy each step of the development scheme.

This commitment to transparency for their client’s product development is a large reason that Omron has proven to be successful in terms of timely delivery and efficient cost guidelines. The Omron goal is “Total Customer Satisfaction.”

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MKS2XTN11DC12 MKS DC Square Base - MKS2XTN-11 DC12 $24.54
MKS2XTN11DC220 MKS DC Square Base - MKS2XTN-11 DC220 $28.00
MKS2XTN11DC24 MKS DC Square Base - MKS2XTN-11 DC24 $24.54
MKS2XTN11DC48 MKS DC Square Base - MKS2XTN-11 DC48 $27.00
MKS3P2AC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 AC110 $20.60
MKS3P2AC220 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 AC220 $20.60
MKS3P2AC240 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 AC240 $20.60
MKS3P2DC100 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 DC100 $21.14
MKS3P2DC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 DC24 $18.71
MKS3P2DC48 MKS Relay - MKS3P-2 DC48 $20.60
MKS3P5AC100 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC100 $18.75
MKS3P5AC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC110 $18.30
MKS3P5AC12 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC12 $15.50
MKS3P5AC120 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC120 $16.50
MKS3P5AC220 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC220 $18.75
MKS3P5AC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC24 $15.50
MKS3P5AC240 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC240 $17.75
MKS3P5AC50 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC50 $16.30
MKS3P5AC6 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 AC6 $15.60
MKS3P5DC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 DC110 $17.75
MKS3P5DC12 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 DC12 $15.50
MKS3P5DC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 DC24 $15.50
MKS3P5DC48 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 DC48 $17.75
MKS3P5DC6 MKS Relay - MKS3P-5 DC6 $15.60
MKS3PAC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC110 $15.24
MKS3PAC12 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC12 $14.51
MKS3PAC120 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC120 $17.42
MKS3PAC220 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC220 $22.13
MKS3PAC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC24 $14.51
MKS3PAC240 MKS Relay - MKS3P AC240 $16.19
MKS3PD5DC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P-D-5 DC110 $17.75
MKS3PD5DC12 MKS Relay - MKS3P-D-5 DC12 $16.60
MKS3PD5DC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P-D-5 DC24 $16.60
MKS3PD5DC48 MKS Relay - MKS3P-D-5 DC48 $17.75
MKS3PD5DC6 MKS Relay - MKS3P-D-5 DC6 $16.70
MKS3PDC110 MKS Relay - MKS3P DC110 $18.37
MKS3PDC12 MKS Relay - MKS3P DC12 $16.19
MKS3PDC24 MKS Relay - MKS3P DC24 $16.19
MKS3PDC48 MKS Relay - MKS3P DC48 $17.42
MKS3PI5AC110 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC110 $18.30
MKS3PI5AC12 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC12 $15.50
MKS3PI5AC120 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC120 $16.50
MKS3PI5AC220 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC220 $18.75
MKS3PI5AC230 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC230 $18.65
MKS3PI5AC24 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC24 $15.50
MKS3PI5AC240 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC240 $17.75
MKS3PI5AC50 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC50 $16.30
MKS3PI5AC6 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 AC6 $15.60
MKS3PI5DC100 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 DC100 $18.00
MKS3PI5DC110 MKS Relay - MKS3PI-5 DC110 $17.75
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